One Photo with 2 Million Views – You want one?

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November 30, 2020
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One Photo with 2 Million Views – You want one?

Snapdoodle toys

We just received a notice from Google that one of our photos just hit the 2 million view mark. The photo is one we took while doing a virtual tour of Snapdoodle Toy Store in Seattle in October 2019. Not bad for a little over a year. We actually did virtual tours of all 4 of Snapdoodle’s toy stores in the Seattle area. While this photo has achieved tons of views, the virtual tours have done well too.

SnapDoodle Toys Virtual Tours in Seattle

More SnapDoodle Toys Virtual Tours in Seattle

How Many Views?

Google hosts these tours and, as a Google Trusted Photographer, Google provides us with statistics about how many views our tours are getting. The number on the left of each image is the number of images in the tour and the number on the right, next to the eyeball icon, is the number of views. These were all taken in the fall of 2019. What this shows us is that there is a lot of interest in taking a look at what the insides of these stores look like. This is especially true during the pandemic. Consumers are much more careful about what businesses they are willing to visit in-person. Walk-through virtual tours, like these, give them the confidence to pay an in-person visit. They know what to expect. From left to right these virtual tours are in Kenmore, Seattle, Redmond and Issaquah. I have linked the tours to the city name for you to take a look. The cost for each of them was only $499.00. A pretty good return on investment especially if you compare it to pay per click advertising. Total cost of $1,996.00 for 207,000 views. That is less than a penny per view. Cheap advertising. Not to mention, they are still at work attracting visitors and new customers. You can’t find effective digital marketing like this anywhere else.

Want one?

It is easy to order one or just get a quote. It is a one time fee that provides you a non-stop marketing tool. We guarantee our results. You don’t have to pay until Google tells us you have had at least 500 views of the images in the tour. That is usually pretty easy and generally will happen within the first week or two. Contact us today to shedule a time to talk or order a tour.

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