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One Photo with 2 Million Views – You want one?
December 15, 2020
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8 Best Tools to Get Listings Now
January 30, 2021
Snapdoodle toys
One Photo with 2 Million Views – You want one?
December 15, 2020
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8 Best Tools to Get Listings Now
January 30, 2021
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How to Ensure Your Success in 2021

Success on 2021

Now that the new year has finally arrived, there’s plenty of room to jump-start your venture into real estate or expand your business objectives. With the right tips, ideas, and tools, 2021 can be a promising year for real estate professionals. The following outline will help realtors create a plan for a productive new year and meet their residential or commercial real estate objectives at any level.

6 Key Elements to Achieve Real Estate Success in 2021

1. Define Your Real Estate Goals – Make a Plan

What do you expect out of your real estate brand for 2021? The first step towards success is creating a business plan that defines your business objectives. Define your goals, outline your plans, and create realistic strategies to achieve those goals. Doing in writing is the key to success in 2021. Your business outline should include key objectives that include:

  • Branding
  • Finances
  • Marketing Goals
  • Target audience
  • Operations
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT)

2. Consider Your Personal Real Estate Brand

How do you want your audience to identify your real estate brand from the competition? Create a brand voice that separates you from competitor real estate brands. For example, if you’re into commercial real estate, use an approach that urges prospective clients to connect with your property because it also meets their business needs. To define your plan:

  1. Identify Your Client and Niche
  2. Getting Clear on Your Offer – Why you and not another agent
  3. Transforming Your Offer into a Vision – Clarify your image & tailor it to meet the needs of your client.

3. Update Your Properties

It’s a new year, out with the old and in with the new. If you are staging your property, consider new furniture, a different style, enhanced photography and more. Painting is the most cost effective home improvement you can make to your property, that’s why 36% of all real estate experts decide to upgrade their property with a fresh coat of paint. A new color is one of the easiest ways to give your real estate a facelift. You can also seek the advice of home improvement specialist for current 2021 color trends for a greater opportunity to meet your real estate success objectives.

4. Establish Your Marketing Goals

Marketing is one of the most important real estate elements for success in the new year. Without marketing, your property is not visible to the entirety of your prospective audience. The right marketing makes your property available to a target audience or an entirely new global audience. According to your budget, there are many ways to enhance your current marketing strategy. The more people that see your property, the more likely you are to close on a deal more quickly. How is your property currently being listed? Based on your marketing initiative, find new ways to bring visibility to your property.

  1. Know Where Your Leads are Coming From
  2. Schedule Your Marketing Activities
  3. Adding New Marketing Activities
  4. Tracking Your Results
  5. Get Reviews
  6. Ask for Referrals

Focus on Digital Marketing

Digital marketing boosts exposure dramatically and is a successful form of marketing for real estate and you should utilize its resources. Plus, if you’re not up to speed on email marketing, now is a great time to spruce up your email subscribers to capitalize on the benefits of sharing information about your properties or services to clients and prospects through email marketing.

A virtual tour is affordable and one of the top digital marketing resources available to realtors. A virtual tour uses interactive software to give prospective clients a virtual simulation of the property. Potential buyers can view your property from anywhere at any time with any device including a smartphone or tablet. In fact, with a high-definition 3D virtual 360° walk-through tour, potential clients have a chance to become fully immersed in your property with a click of a few buttons. A virtual tour offers great features like zoom capabilities that allows visitors to key in on specific points of interest including nearby attractions, property features, and more. You can also connect your virtual tour to key networks like Google Maps, Facebook and Instagram for extended reach opportunities. When prospective clients are searching for their new home, office, or commercial real estate, they can view your property when it’s convenient for them. According to the Business Insider, “a virtual tour will be the new norm after the pandemic begins to subside.” More importantly, a virtual tour simplifies the process of showing your listing and also enhances the purchasing process. See some examples

5. Connect To Social Media

Social media continues to grow in popularity and is a great way to ensure the success of your real estate in 2021. Make social media a business ally. For example, embed your virtual tour on all of your social media business accounts. However, a marketing professional can help you market your real estate on the most popular social media platforms which have displayed proven results. Facebook and Twitter continue to be very popular social media platforms because of their diverse audience, but Instagram is quickly gaining popularity among business professionals in real estate. More importantly, social media allows you to target a specific audience that will have interest in your property and also target visitors that have previously engaged with a particular property to keep your real estate brand top of the mind. Social media is also a great tool to increase lead generation and turn visitors into actual buyers. Make sure you understand hashtaging to get the most exposure from your efforts. In fact, social media is a good platform for both buyers and sellers.

6. Utilize Influential Agents

Another way to achieve real estate success in 2021 is to utilize a team that’s willing to implement your unique strategies. The real estate agent and host of your listing will be responsible for highlighting the top features of your property to pique the interest of potential buyers. A team with a good track record in your local area is a great start, but you also want to utilize a team with the potential to work with all types of clients with unlimited outreach potential and a strong influence to make the sell. Part of the purchasing decision is based on the connection between the client and the real estate agent. It’s important for them to have a knack for getting prospective clients to actually close on the deal.

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