Why Your Business Should Use a Virtual Exhibition To Expand Their Online Presence
November 4, 2020
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One Photo with 2 Million Views – You want one?
December 15, 2020
Why Your Business Should Use a Virtual Exhibition To Expand Their Online Presence
November 4, 2020
Snapdoodle toys
One Photo with 2 Million Views – You want one?
December 15, 2020
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4 Creative Ways to Get Your Listings Sold During the Pandemic

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While many businesses found themselves perplexed during the pandemic, record mortgage rates has created a gold rush in the real estate market. With the high prospect of buying and selling real estate, realtor’s must still adhere to Covid-19 restrictions.

Showing your listing is one of the most important elements in closing on a real estate deal which leaves many real estate professionals looking for creative ideas to list their property. The following post  introduces tips and ideas for marketing your listing to sell, even during a pandemic.

Top Ways to Sell Your Listings During the Pandemic

1. Use Technology

Technology is a realtor’s greatest ally during the pandemic. Technology works for real estate in so many ways. For example, technology allows real estate professionals to communicate from anywhere and anytime during the pandemic. The last thing you want is to lose a potential real estate prospect because of lack of communication.

In terms of your listing, technology allows you to exclusively advertise your property to thousands if not millions of clients simultaneously around the globe. Technology ensures your listing isn’t limited to a specific geographic audience during the pandemic, but it also offers the option of targeting an audience of your choice.

In fact, you can use technology to host an online showing on popular social media platforms such as Facebook Live or Zoom. The host has the advantage of complying with pandemic restrictions, actively showing their property, and generating a buzz.

2. Add Video

Video has quickly become a top tier marketing tool for real estate during the pandemic. Although video only provides simulation, it’s a great option for listing your property during a time of in person restrictions. As time continues to be of the essence for many people, video gives prospects the convenience of viewing your listing on their time. By using their visual and auditory skills, your clients can consume information about your listing faster and increase their accessibility during the pandemic. Statistics show, “80% of 1,000 people surveyed spent a quarter of their watching videos on social media.” The numbers prove videos can accelerate the viewing of your listing and for the best results real estate professionals should be posting their videos on social media. More importantly, video marketing is also a great way to significantly balance your budget because digital content is a cost-effective marketing medium.

Ways to Make Your Listing Video Stand Out

Hire A Professional

With the money you save by using digital marketing, hiring a professional videographer can help your videos stand out. A professional has the experience to give you much more than DIY subpar video content or simple slide show videos of still photographs. For example, a professional understands lighting, concepts, and current trends to name a few. They can enhance your visual ideas for your listing through professional editing skills.

Optimize Video Time

Make your videos short and sweet! A detailed 3-minute video of your property will stand out just as much as a long-drawn-out video. Highlight your best features and the things most relevant to your viewers. For example, highlight your location or amenities to draw interest into your property. However, avoid unsightly details including landscape debris, dull stainless steel, crowded closets, inoperable lighting, or parts of the property under construction. Your viewers are more likely to watch a short video listing that has captured their attention more than once.

3. Offer Live Virtual Showings

Are you willing to offer interactive virtual tours to your prospects? You can do it either in person at the property or by way of a walk-through virtual tour. By offering live tours, prospects will have the option of getting answers to their questions in real time. In fact, since it’s a virtual tour, you don’t have to worry about actual face to face contact to spark the interest of prospective clients and it can be just like an in-person showing except only you or neither party is on site. You can answer questions about property highlights and discuss features with the benefits of a virtual tour while maintaining social distancing. Walk clients through your property with a 360° 3D virtual tour using Zoom. For small group showing, try using a Facebook live session. You’re more likely to close on a real estate deal when you’re attentive to your clients.

4. Utilize Virtual Tour 3D Technology

As a top option for your real estate listing, 360° virtual walk-through 3D tours are priceless. Prospect love them because they can look at what areas they are most interested in seeing. Virtual technology is a must in real estate and a 360° virtual walk-through 3D tour is an opportunity for potential clients to actively engage with your property despite any restrictions caused by the pandemic. In fact, a virtual tour is an opportunity for both buyers and sellers with personal or commercial real estate.

TrueView360s offers interactive software technology that allows viewers to admire every area of the property. Clients can virtually view your property at their convenience either on their own or with you as a virtual tour guide, as discussed earlier.

In fact, a 360° virtual walk-through tour is an opportunity to generate more leads and get your listing sold faster with a faster turnaround time. Enjoy integrated software features that are designed to impress your clients, providing them a WOW factor, and keep them fully engaged from the beginning to the end of your tour, but it doesn’t stop there. We want viewers talking and asking questions after the tour is over.

At TrueView360s, we understand how important it is for a 360° virtual walk-through tour to tell a story about the property. With our high impact walk-through, you’re just steps away from closing your next real estate deal.

The recent pandemic has made it more difficult to get real estate prospects to tour in person, but TrueView360s is here to help professionals gain exposure and close more deals despite the current restrictions of the pandemic. We are a team player. There are no upfront costs, we get paid at the tail end of the deal. Ask us for the details.

Tell a story about your property today. Contact us at TrueView360s for more details about a 360° virtual walk-through 3D tours for your personal or commercial property.

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