Google Virtual Tour
Virtual Tours That Provide More Online Exposure for your Business
June 14, 2021
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Selling Office Space Virtually: Best Practices
December 3, 2021
Google Virtual Tour
Virtual Tours That Provide More Online Exposure for your Business
June 14, 2021
online presentation
Selling Office Space Virtually: Best Practices
December 3, 2021
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How Virtual Tours Can Help You Get First Page Ranking for Your Business

First page ranking with Google's Local Pack

Get First Page Ranking With Google’s Local Pack

Spreading the word about your business and what you offer is not an option if you want to attract new clients. The online platform is one of the options that can expand the reach of your enterprise. For that reason, you cannot afford to overlook local SEO because it can help you attract customers within your locality and help you get first page ranking on Google. And, unlike traditional SEO, the cost of doing so is small.

Additionally, local SEO allows you to drive eager visitors to your brick-and-mortar store over and above, increasing organic traffic to your website. Quite often, anyone visiting your store, in this case, is ready to buy or request your services, and that is where Google’s local pack comes in handy.

Insight into Google’s Local Pack

Also known as Google map pack, Google’s local pack refers to the top three local business listings that appear after search queries regarding products or services that local businesses offer. Since there is a limit for three results only, marketers are always competing for these coveted spots on Google local pack. It is by far the easiest and most affordable way to get first page ranking for your business.

It is important to note that Google uses an algorithm to prioritize entities that provide detailed, up-to-date, and accurate information. The three spots contain relevant and valuable details for searchers, which means they are powerful search elements.

Some of the information that searchers can access about the enterprises appearing in the three spots include a click-to-call option for mobile users, location addresses, reviews, business hours, average ratings, and photos. The bottom line here is that being in Google’s local pack for your area or industry as an entrepreneur can help you get new clients.

How Does Google Rank Sites for Local Searches?

Insight into how Google ranks sites for location-related queries is critical if you want to do local SEO right. If you want first page ranking for your business, you need to understand this. Google considers three major factors when deciding the businesses that should take the top three spots on the local pack. These are;

  • Trustworthiness and Prominence – your firm’s reputation has a direct impact on its prominence and trustworthiness. In that case, Google will focus on both the online and offline credibility and popularity of your organization when ranking it for local searches on the local pack.
  • Relevance – the focus here is on how well results match the term a user searches.
  • Distance – if a search term contains a location, it will determine the proximity of a user to your organization. In case such details are unavailable, Google will consider the last known location of the user.

Improving Your SEO Ranking with Google’s Local Pack

Understand that generating income will prove a challenge if customers cannot discover your business online. The best part is that today, Google’s local pack is allowing customers to find various entities. It is also worth mentioning that the firms that Google local pack features are constantly evolving and are free.

As much as that is the case, there are several actions you can take to improve your local search ranking on Google. By doing so, you will drive more business to your location even as you attract more searchers. Here are a few tips for improving SEO ranking if you want to get the most out of Google’s local pack.

1. Optimizing Your Google My Business Page

One must-use tool for all entities wishing to get first page ranking on Google Maps, SERP, among other Google services, is Google My Business (GMB). The reason is that GMB is now the go-to source whenever Google wants to get more information about your organization. Also, your site will show up on Google Maps, which is the other advantage of using GMB.

You can optimize your GMB page by adding photos and a virtual tour because they can describe a place or tell a story better than text. That explains why you should consider leveraging the use of images to improve your SEO ranking. Additionally, you can set different photos for various functions in GMB. That suggests that you can have pictures for each of the following.

  1. a) Menus – you can showcase what you offer, including prices and ingredients to help prospective clients choose between your enterprise and others.
  2. b) Profile – your profile is an ideal location for your logo because it serves as your listing’s identity.
  3. c) Videos – it is also possible to tell stories about your firm using videos.
  4. d) Cover – the storefront of your listing is your cover. As such, ensure that your cover displays a level of personality and represents your enterprise well. The cover will appear next to your entity in Maps and SERPS.
  5. e) Food and Drinks – take photos of your best salads, meals, or cocktails as you connect to your inner Instagram photographer. Hiring a professional food photographer is also an option in this case.
  6. f) Interior – a Google Virtual Tour allows you to show potential customers the exact experience they will meet inside your facilities. It provides them the feeling that they have been there. Ensure Thant the images are bright enough that the atmosphere and all decorations come to life.
  7. e) Exterior – including nighttime and daytime images gives individuals a perspective of your organization. Doing so will also help such persons discover your entity’s location. In that case, taking several images from different angles is a wise idea.

The Importance of Virtual Tours

Today, both your clients and potential buyers can visit your business from the comfort of their homes thanks to Google Virtual Tours, and that is our core business. That means that such individuals will be able to find you easier in the search results. Google Virtual Tours offer several benefits to enterprises of all sizes, and here are some of the reasons you need to consider leveraging their potential.

  • They provide a new way to interact with customers even as you build excitement around your brand and display your current and latest trends.
  • Improve your rankings on Google, thereby enhancing the visibility of your business to ensure that customers and potential clients can find your business.
  • Embed the link to your Google Virtual Tour in other hotspots like your Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, as well as your website to increase visibility.
  • Allow you to showcase what words cannot express best. That includes the atmosphere and ambiance of your entity.
  • They increase the chances of an in-person visit since customers begin visualizing what it feels like to be at your premises physically.

2. Leverage Online Reviews

Most customers rely on online reviews when trying to find reputable organizations from local search. That is why reviews are an aspect of consideration in how Google approaches local pack and search rankings, which adds another dimension of trustworthiness. Note that a business with better and more reviews on Google has a greater chance of featuring in Google’s local pack.

So, consider generating more online reviews and do not overlook the need to respond to negative comments. When responding to negative reviews, the priority should be addressing underlying issues to foster long term relationships.

3. Focus on Engaging with The Local Community

Sustaining a high level of engagement in the local community can help your business achieve better Google’s local pack rankings. Also, engaging the surrounding community ensures that the online footprint of your entity reflects strongly within your locality and allows you to build local authority. Some of the ways your enterprise can engage with the local community include;

  • Participating in fundraisers, fairs, and charities.
  • Connecting with relevant business networks and the local chamber of commerce.
  • Partnering with online communities and non-competing local firms.

That way, you will increase the chances of community stakeholders mentioning your company and gaining strong citations is also possible, which is one of the essential local search signals today.

4. Develop Local Content

Every business site needs content. The reason is that Google discovers your website whenever individuals search terms relating to your services, industry, products, and niche. Your website is linked to your Google My Business listing. Also, every site that knows its SEO will have a blog section with relevant content. You also need to understand that quality content allows you to build trust with potential clients.

On the other hand, content helps you to build authority. The implication here is that quality content encourages other websites to link back to the information on your site. Below are tips for using content to improve your SEO ranking.

  • Consider mentioning the neighboring local institutions, towns, and even the specific slang locals use when writing content.
  • Ensure the content on your website relates to the local neighborhood, region, area, or city.
  • Infuse your content with words that associate with something local.


Adopting the tips above to optimize your firm’s Google’s local pack presence can help you attract local customers and get you first page ranking thanks to Google’s Local Pack. Leveraging Google’s local pack will not only increase your company’s visibility but will also drive clients to your business consistently. In turn, that will enhance profitability. If you need more information on improving SEO ranking with Google’s local pack, especially with virtual tours, contact us today!