360 Virtual Tour vs Video Walk-through
Virtual Tour vs. Video Walk-Through: Which One is Better?
August 15, 2022
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November 22, 2022
360 Virtual Tour vs Video Walk-through
Virtual Tour vs. Video Walk-Through: Which One is Better?
August 15, 2022
commercial property in Houston
Commercial Property Marketing Toolbox Must-Haves
November 22, 2022
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Google and Google Business Profile – Why You Need Them

Google Local

Every business builds its online presence a little differently. Some have a strong social media presence; some have a private niche and momentum through word of mouth. However, if you run any type of local business, then your Google presence should also be seriously considered. Your Google Business Profile defines your overall online visibility. After all, most decisions start with a quick search, these days.

Local venues and local office space can benefit strongly from increasing their Google visibility by cultivating their Google Business Profile.

Google Overview

The Importance of Google

When people search for office space near them, or in your market area, you want your space to appear appealingly in the top results.

Google is the single biggest search engine on the planet. Even with other search engines gaining popularity globally, Google still handles over 90% of online searches, but only 7% of searchers go past the first page.  Google is also a primary source for local business and map routing data, which has become a integrally linked with online marketing for local businesses. Google reports that about 46% of all online searches have a local intent behind them. Claiming your Google Business Profile literally puts your business on the map for consumers and other businesses to see, while Google itself has clearly taken over the role of the Yellow Pages in the modern virtual phonebook.

How to Get Page 1 for Your Search Term “NYC Office Space for Rent”

If you want your business to appear on the first page for local keywords, you need local SEO tactics. This includes keyword research, targeted content creation, trending social media pages, and every possible tactic to make your website more visible and trustworthy in the eyes of Google’s algorithm web crawlers. When it comes to a local business search with detailed map results, page 1 is reserved for businesses with a fully detailed Google Business Profile in addition to great internal SEO and frequent website traffic.

Pay Per Click and organic content-building are both costly and highly competitive. The Google Local pack, in contrast, is free to all businesses but also time-consuming to build and maintain. The right online presence strategy for your business will build a balance between these methods.

Oraganic click through rates

Google’s Local Pack

Google’s Local Pack is the compact set of local business results and map pins shown for local search queries. The Local Pack includes three to five top suggested local businesses and their locations on a map of the area near the customer or in their searched-for neighborhood. However, to populate the Local Pack, Google needs specific data and, and it won’t rely on data extracted from your web pages. This is where the Google Business Profile comes into play.

Google Local Pack

Your Google Business Profile (GBP)

Your Google Business Profile, or GBP for short, is your business’ official records with Google. You claim a physical address, then provide all the details about your business that are needed to create a complete business listing. Through your GBP, you can ensure that locals will both see your business and find it again to leave positive reviews.

What Is GBP?

GBP is your Google Business Profile. Your GBP is your internal profile with Google. By building your profile, you can take control of how your local business appears across all types of Google results. This includes the Google Local Pack search results, Google Maps searches for local venues, and organic content searches alike. Why? Because Google knows who you are, can collect reviews on you, and cross-reference your online credibility.

Why is a Google Business Profile Essential to Have?

Your Google Business Profile connects you with leads and potential members who are actively searching for services and locations like yours. The GBP is also a business-style social space where you can post updates that are shown specifically to people looking for your business. You can share renovation updates, celebrate milestones, or welcome new business tenants. You can post vivid and eye-catching photos that will build an appealing gallery of your venue over time and list the offerings and services provided.

Google is also a great platform because it encourages interaction between customers and business owners. Customers can leave reviews, and you can answer them with a response, which is great for thanking positive reviews and offering support to negative reviewers. People who are not yet customers can ask questions, and you can answer them. Google drives traffic to your website and has even expanded into accepting orders.

Of course, the biggest importance is that it will improve your search results’ appearance, especially in the Local P  ack.

Benefits of a Good GBP

The best thing about GBP, other than the exposure itself, is that it’s a free tool with a great deal of optimization potential. You can take charge of the way your business appears on Google Search and Google Maps by filling out your profile. While you provide Google with all the details, you have control and can optimize what searchers see to best funnel those with search intent to your landing pages.

How to Optimize Your GBP for Best Results

  1. Include the correct NAP: Name, Address, Phone Number
    • Keep these details consistent throughout all web accounts and social media
  2. Stand-Out Business Description
    • Use keywords, positivity, and descriptive language to draw in customers
  3. A Gallery of High-Res Images & Virtual Tour
    • Customers Spend 5-10 times longer on images and virtual tours (Leonardo Worldwide)
    • Virtual tours inspire 12% more engagement than other Google Maps listings
  4. Get Reviews & Respond to Them
    • Responsive gratitude and cheerful customer service are the best ways to keep reviews coming.
  5. Let Customers Message You
    • Make yourself available to customer messages, as Google can become a convenient and public customer service channel
  6. Use Google Local Posts
    • Free Ads with Google Posts
    • Make use of the Google resources available to you for free or discounted through easy mechanisms like native Google posts.
  7. Add Special Features & Attributes
    • Hotels have a booking button, and restaurants list cuisine type; every brand is different. Look for special features and profile attributes that will enhance your results’ appearance and Google conversion rate.
  8. Keep Your Hours of Operation Accurate
    • Never let your publicly posted hours grow stale, Google is easy to update.

Keep Your GBP Updated

Keeping your Google Business Profile updated is important to your success. According to Ipsos Research, an up-to-date GBP:

  • is 2.7x more likely to be thought as “reputable”
  • Gets 7x more clicks
  • Is 70% more likely to attract local visits, and
  • Is 50% more likely to lead to a purchase.

Why? Because your customers can tell stale data when they see it. This is why recent photos, recent reviews, and review responses are key even if your hours never change. Post updates on Google and keep your account lively to assure future customers that your data is regularly updated and, therefore, can be truly relied upon.

Virtual Tours to Increase Engagement with Your Google Business Profile

When clients are seeking local office space or co-working space, they want to look around. Images are essential, and there often aren’t enough to assure potential clients of whether your space is truly suitable for them. A rich photo gallery is a great start, but it has been found that a virtual tour (shot with 360 cameras throughout the office) provides 12% more engagement and up to 10x longer viewing by potential clients.

Google makes it possible to quickly dive into a venue’s virtual tour from the map or Local Pack listing, which means uploading a high-quality virtual tour can capture the curiosity and the business of your searching clients and leads. Those who stop to “explore” your venue through the click-and-drag virtual tour experience will be both lingering on your listing and inviting themselves on a walkthrough tour – ready to be impressed.

If you are ready to empower your Google Business Profile with expert marketing advice and an engaging virtual tour, contact us today. TrueView360 is ready to create an immersive, transparent, and inspiring virtual tour experience for your Google listing and future clients.