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Zillow 3D Virtual Tours: Why You Want One
April 7, 2021
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How Virtual Tours Can Help You Get First Page Ranking for Your Business
July 2, 2021
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Virtual Tours That Provide More Online Exposure for your Business

Google Virtual Tour

Looking for a way to provide more online exposure for your business at an affordable cost? Virtual tours are one of the best and most affordable ways to do so.

Google Virtual Tour Stats

When we do a Google virtual tour, Google shares the stats with us. We have been working with the Workplace Association of New York in providing both Google and virtual tours for marketing. These are two we have completed in the program. The images to the left show the number of images and the number of views. We added the date uploaded to Google to demonstrate how popular Google Virtual Tours are. The tours are found by people doing searches on Google for a product or services and when they find one they are interested in can go look at the photos and 360° images and tours that the business has on their Google My Business listing. If you do not have one for your business, you can get one for free at Google My Business.

Champion Office Suites are in Garden City, New York and Your Wall Street Office is located on, yes you guessed it, Wall Street in New York City.

Some Stats!

To date the Champion Office Suites Google Virtual Tour has been posted for 18 days with 2,109 views and is averaging 117 views per day.

Your Wall Street Office Google Virtual Tour has been posted for 109 days with 8,174 views and has averaged 75 views per day.

That ends up being a lot of eyes having been virtually immersed in these locations. And Google tells us that Google My Business listing with photos and a virtual tour have

Why a Google Virtual Tour?

They increase your visibility and rankings on Google search results, especially in the Local Pack. It is a Google program. It is what they want. They will reward you for it.

A Google virtual tour will allow visitors to instantly experience the atmosphere and feel of your location with their own eyes. It is a way that makes their brain feel like they’ve already been there. They can walk around to different sections of the premises and quickly decide to visit in-person. It also increases buyer confidence by making it easier for them to envision being in your space.

Google virtual tour also help legitimizes your business in prospects eyes. They increases transparency and trust of your brand. Google Virtual Tour Cost.

Over 80% of people conduct research online before making a purchase. So, provide a WOW factor with their first impression. Virtual Reality is leading edge. Be a leader.

Why a Highlight Virtual Tour?

A highlight virtual tours are custom virtual tours and are an effective sales tool. They  allow more flexibility than the Google tour alone to show your space remotely.

Here are the ones we did in conjunction with the Google virtual tours above:

Champion Office Suites highlight virtual tour

Your Wall Street Office highlight virtual tour

They not only make it easier to show your space remotely but will make you look credible and professional.

In addition, they are much easier to navigate than a Google Virtual Tour. You can go quickly to the areas the prospect is interested in seeing or that you want to show them without having to click multiple time to get there.

They also include your branding with your logo, email link, URL link, phone number and floor plan if desired. Something you cannot do with a Google virtual tour.

Not as Expensive as You May Think

As effective of a marketing tool as virtual tours are, they are not as expensive as most digital marketing options. These packages, with both the Google virtual tour and the Highlight virtual tour, come in at just under $1,500.00. A one-time fee except for a small, $50.00 per year hosting fee, after the first year for the Highlight virtual tour. Intrigued? Find out more by calling us or requesting more info online. No obligation. Let us show you what we can do for your business.