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Zillow 3D Virtual Tours: Why You Want One

Zillow Certified Photographer

If you’re interested in selling real estate, it’s essential to use the right resources to get a return on your investment. Many residential real estate agents opt to use an interactive 3D virtual tour to showcase their property. In fact, a 3D virtual tour is cost-effective technology used to give a simulation of a home.

Zillow is the leading marketplace used to sell real estate, but with the benefits of a virtual tour, real estate professionals have an opportunity to move their property fast. Do you have a Zillow 3D virtual tour? Keep reading more details below to discover why it’s one of the best options for residential real estate professionals.

Zillow 3D Virtual Tours: A Residential Real Estate Hidden Gem

1. Increase Your Audience

Zillow receives 36 million unique monthly visitors and is the most popular real estate website among the competition. A Zillow 3D virtual tour is an opportunity to highlight your properties best features on a leading real estate website to increase your audience. By providing more than traditional still photos with a virtual tour, more people are likely to inquire about your residential property which has the potential to greatly increase your audience.

2. Show & Prove

A Zillow 3D virtual tour is an opportunity to build a connection between your audience and listing. A digital tour allows you to showcase popular amenities that will appeal to your audience. For example, if your home has beautiful Bay windows, use a simulation to point out this unique feature to potential buyers. Use your virtual tour to show your audience what elements of your property meets their needs and prove to them why your home will best suit their need for real estate. If your property is in a desirable location, has a pool, etc., be sure to include these important features in your Zillow 3D virtual tour.

3. Move Your Listing Faster

A 3D virtual tour not only connects you with an audience, but it also provides a simulation that connects your audience to your property. Without showing your property in-person, a virtual tour provides an engaging experience that helps potential buyers decide if they want to call your residence home. You have an opportunity to move your listing faster because clients can decide from anywhere at any time. A virtual tour eliminates the red tape between the property, real estate agent, and potential buyer which is a significantly greater opportunity to close on the deal each time.

4. Reduce Overhead Costs

A virtual tour is one of the least most expensive, but valuable tools to market and sell real estate. It takes 1-2 days to gather the photography for a virtual tour and a professional can have the completed tour in as little as a day. Your business is paying a small cost for photography based on square feet. In fact, eliminate the cost of hiring a host each time you want to show a property to an individual that might or might not be an actual buyer.

5. Stay On The Forefront Of Competition

Competitor real estate firms are leveraging all their resources to become the leaders in their network. If your business isn’t making the most of technology, you’re lagging behind the competition. A virtual tour makes the most out of technology and significantly enhances your presence in the real estate industry. For instance, 3D virtual technology is a popular digital technology tool used to give an all points simulation of your residence. A 3D simulation is a three-dimensional view of your property in real-time. While the competition is staying up-to-date using resources to sell their property, your business is using the latest known technology to attract and engage potential buyers too.

6. Avoid Significant Downtime

During the recent pandemic, many businesses were left trying to find a way to remain competitive. Social distancing, fear of in-person meetings, and the threat of contracting COVID-19 left many businesses inoperable. However, a virtual tour is an opportunity to keep your real estate top of the mind with valuable technology resources during a time of uncertainty. A potential buyer can be on the other side of the globe or down the street and still enjoy viewing your property features. Despite the impact of a pandemic, your property still remains a vibrant listing with the potential to quickly be taken off the market.

Understanding The Benefits Of A 3D Virtual Tour

A 3D virtual tour is a panoramic series of views of your real estate. Potential buyers can use 3D navigation and depth to scale the inside and out of your residence. With a click of a button, potential buyers can zoom in on key features that interest them. A simulation is the closest thing to an in-person view of a home. Everything that’s viewable in person, is also available during a virtual tour. Perks like staging your property with furniture, photos, and/or appliances is also a great way to attract potential buyers. Make sure and get them prepared by a professional so they look professional. Otherwise, it an hurt the marketing effort.

Take a look at the short video clip below to see one of our Zillow 3D virtual tour. It had 3,572 views after only 3 days and total of 6,148 views as of today. The property sold the first weekend on the market. The cost was only $250.00. Affordable and effective marketing.

Zillow 3D Virtual Tour linkView oin Full Screen

Is A Zillow 3D Virtual Tour Worth The Cost?

Getting a return on investment (ROI) is one of the most important business objectives for a realtor. A virtual tour pays for itself within the first few visits of your listing by saving you the time of having to show it to moderately interested prospects. Studies show that listings with a 3D virtual tour sell up to 20% faster and for 9% more than those without one. Technology enables real estate professionals to do more for less without compromising the quality of their listing. A 3D virtual tour goes a long way and can also be upgraded seasonally for rentals according to your real estate objectives.

Discover The Significance Of Trueview360s

If you want a professional virtual tour, it’s not a DIY project. The professionals at Trueview360s use MLS compliant software that creates state-of-the-art photography that completely engages your audience. We work effortlessly to tell a story about your property. Our team of professionals use your creative insight to create a virtual tour that insights and engages.

We use the latest technology and highly trained professionals throughout the US to capture the best qualities of your real estate and attract buyers with the highest potential to close on the deal. You’re invited to contact us to discuss a Zillow 3D virtual tour for your real estate today.