First page ranking with Google's Local Pack
How Virtual Tours Can Help You Get First Page Ranking for Your Business
July 2, 2021
Virtual Tour to Video
Virtual Tour Converted to Videos Available
March 18, 2022
First page ranking with Google's Local Pack
How Virtual Tours Can Help You Get First Page Ranking for Your Business
July 2, 2021
Virtual Tour to Video
Virtual Tour Converted to Videos Available
March 18, 2022
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Selling Office Space Virtually: Best Practices

online presentation

Nowadays many first sales opportunities are via video chat. Prospective clients want to make sure that when they take the time to visit in-person, they won’t be wasting their time. You need to show them how you can meet their needs, alleviate pain points, surprise, and delight them. You only get one chance for a first impression. Make sure it is a good one!

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t so much dent that level of sales activity as it did force more businesses to adopt remote workforces on the fly. In many cases flexible workspace providers have been the beneficiaries, especially in the suburbs.

The result is a fundamental shift in the sales process. Now, a virtual sales platform is a crucial asset to modern sales departments that understand the potential and opportunities in selling virtually. It is not an easy transformation and is not a simple project. It not only requires developing a strategy that addresses the technology needed to support virtual sales, but also the implementation of the technology with your sales team.

Whether a remote or in-person presentation, it is important for you to be organized and have a game plan on the general direction you want to go. What really matters is that you can communicate why the prospect will be better off in your space. Potential customers don’t care about the history of your company or your features; they are looking for the answer of what’s in it for me.  If your sales presentation is to be successful at all, it must answer that question, and specifically.

The 3 Purposes to the Sales Presentation:

1. Educate & Inform

Don’t assume everyone knows what coworking or executive suite space is or its benefits. Does your marketing team understand how to define coworking space to captivate prospecting clients and “wow” them into conversion?

Your prospects should clearly understand that coworking space is an opportunity to be productive. You should define how common space is a collaborative opportunity to reduce overall costs.

Informing your prospective clients of your ability to serve their office needs is an essential marketing tool.

2. Persuade

Persuading your prospective clients means convincing them of the value of your coworking space. How well can your property meet the business needs of your clients? Does your office space promote productivity?

The best way to persuade prospects is to ask questions, listen to the answers, and provide solutions to their pain points.

Your sales presentation should also explain why is it more beneficial to lease from you versus the competition? What is your Unique selling proposition? Why can you best meet their needs?

4. Inspire Action

Many believe; “if you build it, they will come.” The truth is it takes action to get them there.

A digital visual presentation should inspire your prospective clients to reach out for more details. Inspire your audience to become actively engaged by scheduling an in-person visit. By the time you’ve utilized the four “WOW” factors, you’re now encountering clients that are more likely to convert.

6 Steps to the Sales Presentation

Brief Introduction

    1. Company Overview
      • Services Overview
      • Identify your Unique Selling Proposition – What makes you different?


    1. Identify the problems the prospective client needs solved. Don’t assume you know what it is. Find out by asking leading questions. Listen to the answers.
    2. Reinforce their problem in detail showing why it’s such an issue. Don’t just say you understand, let them know you understand by repeating it back to them in question form.
    3. Explain why your service solves the prospects problem.
      • Paint a picture of what life will look like if they purchase your service.
      • Storytelling – Present a scenario where your product solved the main challenges of a company like that of the prospect’s. Explain how and why your service was a solution and present the data to prove it.
    4. Demonstrate visually to support what you’ve been saying. If in person, you can show them around. If not, our Virtual Sales Platform is a good example of a tool to help you do this.
      • It will give the prospect the feel that they are in your space.
      • Provides a “WOW” factor
      • Stand out among your competitors
      • Also, a good post meeting reinforcement to send the link to them via email whether presentation in-person or remote.
    5. Call to action – What is then next step? Know what you want the prospect to do which is straightforward and pertinent to the solution of their problem– like an in-person visit.

About TrueView360s Virtual Sales Platform WOWs

Interactive Virtual Sales PlatformTrueView360s builds the industry’s most capable sales enablement platform that is geared for today’s new consumers. Our Virtual Sales Platform uses diverse digital technology tools to feature the best your property has to offer. Our visual tools support your value proposition.

TrueView360s’ virtual sales platform includes all your multi-media assets in one place for easy access during an online presentation to give the prospect the feel that they are in your space. Including:

  • An easy to navigate 360° panoramic virtual tour
  • Interactive floor plan to guide the prospects to different locations within your space
  • Still photographs to highlight key areas and amenities
  • Video (if available)
  • Upload of the virtual tour & still photographs to enhance your Google business listing
  • Customizable to meet your needs

Provide your sales team with powerful, immersive visual experiences and a professional presentation & selling tool. Easy to share, better than print and WOWs your prospective customers!  We provide your salespeople with the best way to showcase your property to customers, anywhere on Earth! Contact us today!