Virtual Tour to Video
Virtual Tour Converted to Videos Available
March 18, 2022
North Creek Lounge HDR photography
How HDR Photography Makes a Difference
April 26, 2022
Virtual Tour to Video
Virtual Tour Converted to Videos Available
March 18, 2022
North Creek Lounge HDR photography
How HDR Photography Makes a Difference
April 26, 2022
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Key Tools To Make Virtual Selling Work For Your Business

virtual selling

Over the past few years, thanks to the pandemic, we have seen some significant changes on how sales people work. Traditionally salespeople have been reliant on in-person meetings, they now also need to build trust through a browser window and virtual selling. Recognizing that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to selling anymore, many sales reps need the flexibility to work in the most agile and effective manner. This includes online virtual selling. To get the best results for your virtual sales team, the right equipment is a must. Infrastructure is a significant element of virtual sales. It’s important to have a reliable way to setup and manage your virtual sales platform. Here are the basics of what you need to ensure that you can perform professionally and successfully:

Fast Internet Connection

In order to have an effective online presentation, you will need a fast and reliable Internet connection. There is nothing worse than getting part way through an online presentation only to have your internet connection start to hick-up or even worse, die. It does not leave a very good impression with your prospect. Especially if you are trying to sell them office space and the services associated with it.


A computer is an essential tool for virtual sales and should be one of your first investments in virtual selling.  A computer is an essential virtual sales component. Your business should invest in a computer with a high-quality graphic card and multiple processors to enhance your images in order to assure a quality online presentation. Virtual selling is all about the imagery. Is your business presenting quality images to attract viewers to your brand?


A simple plug and play microphone is a great virtual sales tool. Your computer will have a microphone, but the goal is to find a microphon that cancels excess noise to ensure a professional sound. you can find a good one by checking reviews. When you’re conferencing or talking to your clients, the sound quality should always be premium. Whether or not you use headphones will depend on your work enviroment, but a good microphone is critical. You don’t want echoes that make you sound like you are in a cave.


A high-definition camera on your computer is also a must. A good camera, in focus, will help you present yourself in the best possible way. This is where the person-to-person relationship can be formed, and trust developed. Make sure your camera is level or above your head to avoid the “nose” shot looking up.

Good Lighting

A professional understands how the right lighting can highlight the best features and capture the attention of prospective clients. Once again, you want to present yourself in the best possible fashion. A lighting ring produces soft, direct light on a subject, minimizing shadows. Ring lights are good for video calls. They highlight your face rather than the background. They provide warm light to enhance the appearance of your eyes and facial structure. It is the reason why high-end vloggers and video producers use them. Ring lights are affordable, easy to use, and video ready. Also, make sure there are no bright lights behind you that could cause exposure issues with your image.

Contact Relationship Manager

A customer relationship manager (CRM) is an opportunity to track and connect with your customers. In a virtual sales world, it gives your business insight into customer behavior, while providing them with the best experience possible. a good CRM software provides customer support, helps to build relationships between your team, prospective leads, and your space. It keeps you on track and reminds you when you need to follow-up.

Visual and Audio Presentation Tools

Video and audio presentation is an essential tool for your virtual selling platform because it provides support for your team and your customers. In fact, more people prefer video conferencing over meeting face-to-face for the first time. There are many to choose from.

Zoom has become very popular because it allows you to have a meeting with your team or meet face-to-face with your prospective clients. Zoom helps you get more done as a reliable communication tool for virtual selling. Additional Zoom virtual selling features include:

  • meetings
  • chat
  • phone
  • conferencing
  • private/public audio conversation
  • virtual rooms
  • session recordings

Virtual Sales Platform

A virtual sales platform helps your business meet its bottom line. It’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to maximize virtual sales. You have everything you need to sell in one place for your presentations and something to share as a follow up. You won’t have to go looking for this or that. It will be right there ready to show your prospect. A good virtual sales platform will provide you with a range of different tools and sales enablement capabilities to enable sales reps and promote the development of productive virtual sales interactions. Some of these include:

  • a virtual tour with an interactive floor plan – It’s equivalent to walking through an actual brick and mortar location, but with more engaging detail. Your future clients can view your property without ever leaving their home or office. They can share it with others who may be stake holders. Your prospective clients will feel like they’re truly experiencing your space and amenities. And it is available to them 24/7.
  • easy navigation through the platform
  • still images
  • video
  • maps
  • links to your website
  • social sharing links

Attention and engagement are hard enough to get in a face-to-face meeting. It’s even harder over the web, when you’re just a thumbnail image on a web conferencing app. How do you keep your prospects engaged? One good way is to have dynamic visuals for them to interact with. As Cat Johnson of Coworking Convo says “If your content isn’t interesting, inspiring, insightful or informative, there’s no reason for us to tune in.”

TrueView360s Virtual Tours offers a multimedia virtual selling platform that allows you to easily share online, in emails and on your website. Our virtual sales platform (VSP) helps to generate more leads and close more deals for our clients while saving you money on overhead costs. Show your space remotely with a 360° virtual tour of key locations within your space. We provide professional still images, can add your video, includes an easy to use drop-down navigation, an interactive floor plan, and much more. The virtual tour in the VSP is very valuable to your projected virtual sales.

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Discover the benefits of virtual tools for your business. We’re a 24/7 marketing tool that brings premium visibility to your business online by using virtual tools. Your prospective leads will connect with your property instantly because our virtual tour offers real-time simulation. Our virtual tour experience is no different than an in-person walk-through. Still have questions about virtual selling? You’re invited to discover the benefits of our virtual tools. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details. TrueView360s Virtual Tours enables prospective buyers to check out your space before they visit. Get essential virtual tools for your business today! We use our virtual sales platform to WOW your prospective leads.