5 Tips for Selling Your Residential Listing Faster

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5 Tips for Selling Your Residential Listing Faster

Sell homes faster

First and foremost, it is essential to note that the time it takes to sell a particular property depends on how well you are able to expose the listng to potential buyers. Since most clients want their homes to sell as fast as possible, you need to ensure that your marketing tactics are moving properties on sale efficiently. Also, note that the longer a home stays on the market, the less valuable it becomes, and that is why speed is of the essence.

Here are some tips for selling your residential listing faster.

1. Market With High-quality Photographs Including A Walk-through Virtual Tour

Professional photos will make a big difference. Consumers expect them. With the vast majority of all buyers looking at a property online before deciding whether or not to book a showing, it’s important that your home’s photographs stand out from the crowd and including a high quality virtual tour will do just that.

Every potential home buyer will want to view the property they intend to purchase before sealing the deal. You also need to understand that prospects are more cautious regarding the properties they choose to visit in-person nowadays due to the pandemic. That is where virtual tours come in handy, and the cost of these tours are affordable and studies show how effective they are.

A virtual tour gives potential home buyers the certainty that a particular home is ideal for shortlisting. That can enhance the potential to sell such a property faster. Additionally, when you walk prospects through virtual tours of homes for sale, you will save valuable time since buyers can filter out the properties they do not prefer.

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 98% of prospects frequently search the internet for homes on sale, and 46% of them indicate that they find virtual tours useful when searching for the property they eventually purchase. As such, investing in virtual tours is a wise idea if you want to sell your residential listing faster.

2. Prioritize Listing Exposure

Selling a listing within the shortest time possible is a challenge if your target audience cannot find it. In that case, increasing the visibility of your listing is not an option in this case. The internet is a useful marketing tool, and that is why most property sellers use the platform. That is the case because the internet can increase your listing exposure since most buyers surf the net when they need to buy a house.

On the other hand, many prospects are looking for homes to buy on the internet, suggesting that selling your listing in no time is possible. If you want to gain the upper hand over your competitors if there are several properties on sale in your area, the internet can make your listing stand out to ensure that it sells faster.

3. Focus on Spicing Up Your Listing Descriptions

Usually, potential home buyers search through the same listings repeatedly when they start their property acquisition journey. The expectation, in this case, is that they will stumble across the perfect house if they do their research well. That means that you should not let your listing go stale. Instead, consider highlighting different property features, price reductions, and also switching up your photos periodically.

Note that even the smallest change can make all the difference for someone eager to buy a home. So, spicing up your list descriptions is advisable if you want to sell your listing faster. For instance, a price reduction can draw the attention of prospects to a particular listing, which can significantly reduce the time it takes to sell a home.

4. Share Your Listing

You cannot afford to overlook the effectiveness of using social media as a property marketing tool. A vast number of people use social platforms to connect, communicate, and research as well. It is not unusual to find that the target audience for your listing is on social media, and that is why promoting properties on sale on social platforms is a worthwhile idea.

Social media can help you capture the attention of prospects so you can sell a property faster. So, consider sharing your listing on your professional social accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Also, include hashtags encouraging prospects to reach out to you outside your inner social circles.

Providing a link to your listing is also advisable since social postings limit the number of photos and characters for each update.

5. Ensure You Respond Instantly

It is a fact that instant gratification is the order of the day nowadays. For that reason, consumers need immediate answers to their questions when they inquire about your listing. You need to understand that when a prospect decides to contact you regarding a specific listing, they will not wait for long for you to respond.

IF you don’t respond quickly and a potential home buyer fails to hear from you within the shortest time possible after enquiring, they move onto the next agent on their list, and that may happen to be your closest competitor. So, returning text messages, calls, and emails immediately, even with a simple hello, and setting up a future time to chat is a wise idea if you want to sell your listing fast.

Fulfilling an immediate need is a sign that you are easily accessible and available to help home buyers with the questions they have about your listing. Consider using this approach for every lead you receive and invest in technology to stay organized and manage your social sites, leads, listings, website, email campaigns, among other things.


Every potential home buyer wants to know as much as possible about the property they plan to purchase before sealing the deal. That means that your listing needs to have all the information that prospects need. Sometimes, it is not possible to include every necessary detail in your listing description. That is why virtual tours of the property on sale are paramount because it allows the prospect to focus in on what they are interested in learning more about visually.

Potential home buyers may also have further questions even after checking your listing description and taking part in the virtual tours of a particular home on sale. When that is the case, they may either call, send a text message, or email. You should consider that as an opportunity to interact with such individuals further even as you seek to convince them why a specific property is a good deal.

By doing so, you will not only strengthen your relationship with prospects, but you will also increase the chances of selling your listing faster. If you need more information on tips for selling your listing fast, contact us today!