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February 3, 2023
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Office Evolution Golden
Office Evolution / Venture X Virtual Tours
February 3, 2023
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Here is What Google’s AI Bard Thinks About Google Virtual Tours
April 19, 2023
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How to Pre-Sell Office Space with 3D-360° Renderings and Floor Plans

pre-sell office space 3D Floor Plan

When developing office space, one of the best strategies is to pre-sell your space and have investors and tenants lining up to move in as soon as the final inspections are complete. Of course, this can be hard to do when your marketing materials are images of empty and possibly unfinished spaces. If you want to entice valuable business tenants, the key to pre-selling office space is to show them what the property could be after they move in.

Your architectural drawing may be detailed, but the best way to impress and inform future tenants or buyers is with an interactive rendering using 360 degree virtual touring and floor plan technology. Businesses want to know that they will have a beautiful space that fits their capacity, workflow, and on-brand ambiance. They want to know if there’s good light, how many workstations will comfortably fit in the space, and if their clients will be impressed when visiting. That’s tough to show off with images of empty rooms, but a 360 render gives business tenants a chance to explore the space as if it were already furnished.

This article will explore the benefits of a 3D 360 degree virtual tour rendering and floor plans to pre-sell office space.

Realistic Visualization of the Property

rendered office space

Rendered Still Image

The first and most important benefit of a 360 rendering is the ability to visualize your finished commercial property before it’s complete and before tenants schedule a live tour. The building design becomes the guidelines for how the rendering is created. The floor plan, the materials, and the features that will soon be complete will all be rendered exactly as they will appear live.

The 360 nature of the virtual tour makes it possible for your future tenants or buyers to virtually walk through the space, getting a feel for how large it is, the flow of the floor plan, and even the locations of outlets and fixtures.

Here’s a great example of exactly the experience we can create for your property.

Calls Attention to the Property’s Benefits

A virtual rendering will draw attention to every detail designed to benefit and uplift your office tenants. An appealing break room, a sunny window bank, or an aesthetically pleasing lobby design will shine through in the virtual rendering, giving potential clients a chance to appreciate the space before it is available for tours.

A 360 virtual tour also includes rendered furnishing, showing off how well your space will function and how appealing workspaces can be should tenants choose to pre-book your offices.

Sell or Lease Property Sooner

Whether you are building a commercial property or renovating an existing property for new tenants, having a rendered tour can significantly speed up the sale or leasing timeline.

  • Show Off Your Building Before Its Ready – If the property is still in the construction or renovation phase, a virtual rendered tour shows off what it will become and can close deals before the space is actually ready to be seen. It can also prepare potential tenants or buyers for a much faster in-person tour when the space is finally ready.
  • Saves Time Showing the Property Before In-Person Tours – Virtual tours can save time by giving you a chance to host a walk-through without in-person appointments. In fact, a rendered 360 virtual tour is even more easily self-guided and curious future tenants can do their own research – examining every corner and angle to their satisfaction – without needing to take up either of your time with a live tour appointment.

Creates an Immediate Emotional Attachment to the Property

Often, office space buyers ore tenants are looking for a space that makes them feel the right way. Real estate, even commercial real estate, is an emotional process. If you can show that your offices create an uplifting place to work that will inspire staff and has the right feel for tenant brands, they are more likely to commit to lease or purchase quickly.

  • Increase Interactivity and Connection – A virtual tour also increases each potential business tenant’s engagement and connection with the property. 360 walk-throughs are interactive. The client can turn, look up , look down, and even peek into conference rooms. They can, in fact, explore the office space to their heart’s content, bring in other decision-makers, and simply reload the tour in order to experience the interactive walk-through all over again.

Enhances Marketing Campaign

There’s no denying that 360 tours are taking the real estate market by storm. Today’s buyers in both residential and commercial real estate are looking for a 360 walk-through, whether it’s a prepared rendering or the result of 360 photography.

  • Improved Marketing Materials  –  A 360 rendering creates both beautiful stills and an interactive marketing asset that any curious potential buyer can explore with a few clicks. The floor plan created when the rendering is built is also an excellent way to show off the true size and flow of the space from a bird’s eye perspective that goes beyond the floor plans provided by architectural design. In fact, a rendered floor plan can include rendered furnishings like workstations, conference tables, reception desks, and other essentials that will help future tenants visualize the value of your space from every angle from the moment they explore your office space listing.
  • Creates a WOW Factor – A 360 virtual tour also provides the opportunity to wow your office space buyers. It’s more impressive and more immersive than simple photographs, and gives a sense of what it would truly be like to move into the space. Your virtual tour may be a client’s first experience with Virtual Reality (VR) and wandering the virtual halls of an office an be an enticing pastime while contemplating the benefits of a commercial relocation.

Cost Effective with A High ROI

Lastly, a complete 3D-360° virtual tour with renderings and floor plans is extremely affordable, especially compared to other immersive marketing options. The price ranges from only $2,000 to $5,000 depending on the size of property and how many renderings you would like created. Considering the total images, experiences, and wow-factor opportunities are created by a virtual rendering of your office buildings, the investment and ROI are self-explanatory.

To Pre-sell office space with the help of a 3D-360 virtual tour rendering and floor plans is a simple matter of sharing these enticing, immersive assets with your property listings. Your future tenants and investors will take themselves on each virtual tour, falling in love with your property before your contractors have even completed the final touches.

For an online demo of what we can do, contact us today.