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February 21, 2018
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February 11, 2019
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Coal Creek Family YMCA Virtual Tour

Coal Creek YMCA Google Virtual Tour

I had a great New Year’s Eve with a large photoshoot at the Coal Creek Family YMCA in Newcastle, WA. The facility is over 49,000 square feet on two floors which opened in 2009. One of the challenges of doing the photoshoot was finding a time that no one would be around. If there are people in the shot, we either need to get written permission from them or blur their faces. It is much easier to find a time when no one is around and New Year’s Eve was perfect. The Club closed at 1 PM and I was able to arrive then to do the photoshoot.

Upon arrival I discovered that they had had a minor water leak in the hallway and had removed some ceiling tiles so it could be repaired. Obviously, they did not want that to show in the tour and there was no way around showing it in the shots. I shot it as it was, knowing that I would need to Photoshop the tiles back in place. Let me know if you can tell where it was.

The photoshoot took about one and a half hours and ended up with 78 viewpoints. You might think that is pretty fast, but with the current cameras available it really speeds things up. The processing, if done right, does not go quite so fast. Processing for this tour took in excess of 10 hours.

The results turned out great! Have a look inside. Click and drag or just click on the arrows to look around.

On top of it all, as of January 11th, one week after publication, there have been over 8,000 views. We have had a lot of success in getting businesses seen on Google, but this is the fastest we have seen the views grow. It could be partly the time of year. Health clubs and New Year’s resolutions go hand in hand. Good timing.

The latest update on views as of 2/11/2019 from Google is the there have been over 84,600 views of the images in the tour. Pretty amazing.

You can check out the Coal Creek Family YMCA business listing on Google. It is what people see when they do a search for them on Google. Photos make a big difference.

Do you know a business that could use a Google Virtual Tour? Maybe I am biased, but I think they all need one. I like to see inside before I arrive. Let me know. We greatly appreciate referrals!