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January 30, 2021
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February 17, 2021
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8 Best Tools to Get Listings Now
January 30, 2021
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The Mathematics of a Real Estate Virtual Tour
February 17, 2021
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Is A Google Virtual Tour For Business Worth It?

Google Virtual Tour Trusted

The quick answer… If your business is looking to increase their online exposure and generate more business, yes.

The longer explaination… Businesses of any size/niche can increase their visibility and generate more leads by using Google virtual tools especially Google Virtual Tours. This is a Google program that they host. There are 259 million unique US Google users per day. Do you want them to connect to your business?

Google virtual tours can be used to meet your business bottom line. Keep reading more details to learn about Google virtual tours and Google Virtual tour cost / benefit and how they can help you meet your unique business objectives.

What Is A Google Virtual Tour?

A Google tour is an interactive 360° view of your business. Simply by doing a Google search, customers can visit your business and it allows them to quickly become engaged and build a solid connection. In fact,  36% of American shoppers start their shopping experience online which is also an opportunity to highlight your top business features with a virtual tour online.

A virtual tour uses interactive software that give visitors a personal tour of your business. A virtual simulation is created to allow customer engagement from anywhere. A customer can use their PC, tablet, or smartphone to check out your business which is also a convenient tool that provides great accessibility.

Why Should My Business Utilize Google Virtual Tours?

Generate Leads.  Bringing visibility or brand awareness to your business is imperative, but generating leads from visibility is a major part of your success. Businesses that use Google virtual tours are building engagement and increase the likelihood of turning a lead into a customer. An eye catching virtual tour is an opportunity to form a good first impression of your business and turn organic visitors into actual customers. Often times, customers will share a good customer experience with friends and family which also expands your reach.

Budget Your Business Funds.  A virtual tour is a digital marketing tool. Over the past three years, luxury brands saved $33 million dollars by switching their advertising budget to a digital marketing platform. Digital marketing is a versatile form of marketing and can be used in many ways. For example, businesses can incorporate a Google virtual tour on their website.

A virtual tour is used for many businesses that include:

  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Professional Offices
  • Retail Stores
  • Car dealerships
  • Museums
  • Churches
  • Historic sites
  • Building supplies
  • and many more…

Maximize the Customer Experience. A virtual tour can be used to excite visitors about your business and turn them into actual customers. Use your virtual tour to validate the experience your customers will have and encourage them to visit the brick and mortar location. Quality virtual content will have people eager to interact with your establishment. Your customers are more likely to keep your business top-of-the-mind with a top tier virtual tour of your listing.

If your business has hard to describe elements, a 360° virtual tour says it all. A virtual tour welcomes your visitors to come and see all the intricate details of your business from anywhere, at any time. Your business is virtually open 24/7 365 days a year for your visitors.

Most people will skim over still photos, but individuals will take the time to visit many elements of your business with a virtual tour. They will also appreciate the effort of creating a personal virtualized walk-through. Google can also lend trusted credence to your virtual tour overview as Wells.

Utilize New Technology. According to the statistics, “81% of Americans use the internet daily.” By using technology, you are placing your business listing where many visitors will be. A virtual tour is relatively new, but it’s completely compatible with today’s audience. Video technology is a very popular form of digital marketing. In fact, 45% of consumers says, “video is a very important feature across all devices.” Your virtual tour is highly likely to get thousands of organic views which also can meet the return on investment (ROI). Using new virtual technology is an advantage for you and your customers.

Create A Competitive Edge. In the business network, there’s a tremendous amount of competition. It’s imperative to reach out to potential customers using several marketing trends. Your business wants to be everywhere your competitors aren’t, but also have a strong presence wherever they are. A well put together virtual tour will give potential customers an opportunity to see how your business stands out among the competition.

Data Analysis. Google has features that allows you to keep track of your customer engagement. Keep track of how many people are visiting your virtual tour by utilizing these special tools. If your virtual tour is linked to other resources, businesses can also track data like their website visitors or impressions.

Versatility. Embed your virtual tour outside of Google to expand your audience. Popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are a great resource for expanding your audience. In fact, Facebook allows you to target a specific audience that’s likely to have an interest in your business listing. However, you can also use your link to embed your video on YouTube to expand your audience even further.

Lasts A Lifetime. Google will host your virtual tour indefinitely. Your business simply pays for the photography and production which is affordable. Your business listing remains visible to your audience for years to come. Take a look at our affordable pricing.

Why Businesses Prefer TrueView360s

TrueView360s is a trusted Google photographer and a Google Master Photographer with over 30 million views on Google, as of this posting, and growing.

With an affordable one-time payment, we provide a simple, one and done solution. In fact the fee is only due after Google tells us there have been at least 500 views.

Our virtual experts use interactive software to create a virtual experience that will do more than have your visitors talking. Our 360° virtual tour will have your customers meeting your intended business goals. Our photographers take a series of panoramic photos that highlight your businesses best features and upload them to your Google My Business Listing for a high-end virtual experience.

Check out our Google Virtual Tour Gallery.

Find out more about Google virtual tours and Google Virtual Tour Cost for your business. You’re invited to contact us at TrueView360s or call us at 425-391-8900 ext 101 for more details.

Get a quote  for your unique business objectives today!